Career Planning And “A Clothes Crisis”

My clothes don’t fit me anymore!

First about the clothes crisis!

I was preparing for my grandmother’s funeral and was wise enough to try on my usual funeral outfit – a black knee-length skirt and a black blouse – before the occasion. (There have been may during the last 4 years.)

It was bad news.

The black skirt that I wore for my uncle’s funeral almost two years ago didn’t fit me anymore. I distinctly recall that the skirt was already a bit tight then – now I could squeeze myself into it but there was no way I could’ve closed the zipper…

It wasn’t exactly a surprise.

I called my mom and she told she might’ve something for me to wear. So last Friday evening when I got home, we started going through my mom’s wardrobe. The problem was that none her clothes fit me. My mom has broader shoulders and she’s also a bit heavier than I am, so I looked like I was wearing a small tent that is a bit too spacious on the top…

Finally my mom suggested a quick shopping trip to a local department store. To my surprise I found a suitable outfit in less than 30 minutes, and I think it must’ve been the most efficient clothes shopping trip I’ve ever done. I usually hate shopping for clothes.

I don’t know if I can really call this a clothes crisis because I’m more resigned than upset.  It’s true that I don’t own that many pieces of clothing that fit me. I’ve stubbornly resisted buying new clothes – except for socks (they don’t count!).

I have wardrobe full of clothes that don’t fit me. 🙁


Now for the career planning. It’s much more interesting than the clothes “crisis”.

I’ve been happier and more energetic during the last several weeks than for some time. It’s simply because I enrolled on the longest career planning course I could find (one that lasts 4 weeks). I’m now on the second week and every day I feel more like a human being, not a mummy buried in my apartment.

It’s fun to engage with other people every day and my job hunt gets a much needed boost too.

We were also tested for what kind type of employee / communicator we are and we got our results today.

I’m of type “ rigorous (as in exact, precise) planner”, subtype “objective thinker” (the alternatives are a dominant leader, proactive energizer and an industrious worker). The result wasn’t exactly a surprise to me and it’s probably not a surprise for anyone who has read my blog for some time.

The funny thing is that I’m extremely introverted, but nowadays I can sometimes fool people into thinking I’m an extrovert. In one job interview I was chatting animatedly with my interviewer when she said “we extroverts…”.  🙂  The good thing about growing older is that I’m not half as shy and reserved than I was when I was at age 20.

It’s also no wonder I ended up as a researcher. And no wonder I’m looking to change my career, because people like me prefer a more stable and safe working environment than what is possible in the Academia.


Exercise-wise, I’m planning on taking the Eurofit walking test during the weekend.


  1. Marion says:

    Hi Satu! You sound so happy! I’m super glad you’re taking that career course and connecting with business people again.

    Aren’t socks comforting, always being the right size. I hold on to clothes for 4 years too. Even if they did fit, the styles have moved on to something new. So it’s not always so bad that something wears out or no longer fits. I’m glad you had a good shopping trip for a new outfit.

    🙂 Marion

    • Satu says:

      Hi Marion! I have a simple style so I believe many of the items in my wardrobe would still be pretty stylish. But unless I lose lots of weight, I can’t wear them…

  2. Deb says:

    The career planning course sounds fabulous… what a great experience and opportunity. It sounds like you’re confirming some things you already knew about yourself, but hopefully that’s helping you focus.

    I can understand what you mean re the clothes… I got rid of my scales when I moved this past week but got my mother to take a photograph of me today so I can do something to monitor my weight / behaviour (or something).

    And I love that you’re feeling happy. You certainly deserve it! It sounds like you’re poised for some changes.


    • Satu says:

      I certainly hope that there will be fun stuff waiting in my near future. 🙂

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