My Big Weight Loss Excuse?

I’ve been thinking hard about my inability to lose weight.

Stress is usually the reason I offer when I think about my inability to get consistent results.

But I think that’s only a partially true – I can’t restrict my eating because stress is also my number one excuse for shamelessly indulging in my favorite treats: chocolate and candy.

Now it wouldn’t be fun at all if I couldn’t reward myself by eating what I want, would it? It’s just too bad there’s so much stress in my life at the moment that I’m “forced” to indulge almost all the time.

It’s true that stress really makes it harder to stick to an eating plan. My problem is that if I’m under pressure, I usually give in without putting up a fight of any kind and a voice in my head says I will give in to the temptation anyway. It’s useless to resist!

I’ve learned some cognitive therapy techniques in past, and I was finally frustrated enough to put them to use. All habits – like my stress/emotional eating – have both benefits and disadvantages, which is why it’s so difficult to give them up.

Here is a cost-benefit analysis for continuing my stress eating habit.

Benefits Costs
I can eat whatever I want

If I have stress, I can indulge without guilt and restrictions

No need to use my energy to figure out other ways of coping with stress

I don’t need to feel like a failure in weight loss – I don’t really fail, it’s the stress!

I don’t need to be bothered to follow any kind of eating plan

It’s rewarding to eat candy and chocolate

I can avoid thinking about my problems for a moment

No need to use energy to find something else to do that would be rewarding

It’s more and more difficult to find nice clothes that fit me

I don’t like the way I look, so I have to keep avoiding mirrors, photographs and clothes shopping for the rest of my life

I’ll probably get fatter as time goes by

The pleasure I get from eating candy lasts about 2 minutes – is it really worth it?

My problems don’t get solved

My stress levels don’t really lessen with eating

Sooner or later, my stress eating has health consequences and I’m forced to diet anyway




Theoretically, if I think the disadvantages of stress eating are bigger than the advantages, I should be motivated enough to do something to my habit. I wish.

Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of my stress eating habit like this at least reveals that the habit doesn’t make much sense: it doesn’t really relieve stress, solve my problems or improve my life in any substantial way.

A couple of minutes of pleasure is all I get, and a muffin top of course.


What is your number one weight loss excuse?


  1. I just read a really good quote in the last couple of days…. about the fact that losing weight isn’t easy, but being fat is harder. I can’t remember where I read it though.

    And I can most certainly relate to your list!

    My excuse is similar – I ‘deserve’ it because of stress/upset etc…


  2. Satu says:

    HI Deb!

    It would certainly be much easier to give up the stress eating habit if there was no immediate reward for that. And all the other options require work on my part!

  3. It comes down to the thoughts we have, which result in feelings, which result in actions (or inaction), that gives us our results, which then bo back to prove the original thought. So how can we change our thoughts, to change the feelings, to change the actions and ultimately the results?

  4. Satu says:

    Hi Karen!

    I sure I hope I can change my thinking. I’ve paid attention to my thinking lately, and much of of it doesn’t make much sense..

  5. Aimee says:

    I think my excuse has always been that weight loss is just too much hard work. I’ve been overweight much of my life because I like food and I tend to overdo it when I eat. As I get closer to my goal weight I’m angry with myself for waiting this long to lose the weight although I fully understand that my journey was so much more than simply losing weight. I feel better, I move easier and I have so much more energy now.

    I have given up on some foods that taste amazing but have no nutritional value whatsoever and only tons of empty calories like the huge heavily frosted cupcakes in our break room at work last night. Not worth I declared. I have found substitutions for some foods I enjoy without suffering the consequences of all the calories. I still eat things I love just smaller portions. Easier said than done. Some days it is easy and other days I swear I could eat everything in sight.

    Weight loss is difficult, no doubt about it. Satu I know that each of us has to find our own way with weight loss. I hope your stress is alleviated very soon. Be kind to yourself in the meantime.

  6. Satu says:

    I’ve all kinds of conflicting thought about weight loss. I’ve also thought that weight loss is really difficult but then when I actually started dieting it wasn’t that hard at all.

    I hope to learn other ways to deal with stress.

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