Weekly Exercise And A Plan

A year ago –  and for a long time – I used to post my weekly exercise on BodyCapable (like this). I was reading my old posts the other week and decided I want to try to resurrect the practice. I want to be accountable and perhaps push myself a bit harder.

As you’ll see, I have plans.

I’m going to post my weekly steps (I still use my pedometer every day), my training sessions and how many Feldenkrais lessons I do. I have a set of goals:

  • having a 7-day step average of > 8000 steps,
  • 2 x FBB strength training sessions,
  • 2 x FBB metabolic interval training sessions,
  • 2 x Feldenkrais lessons.

Last week’s exercise

As you can see, I reached the 7-day step average, but you may notice that I also took only 1401 steps on Saturday. It was a rainy day and I spent most of the day reading in bed. 🙁 Not a good way to spend your day, and as a rule I try to avoid under 5000-step days.

Apart from walking, I did two FBB-strength training sessions and two Feldenkrais sessions. I could’ve actually used more Feldenkrais lessons because I’ve had my share of shoulder and neck pains lately. That is because I was smitten with the “New” Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) and watched all the episodes on the Internet in a row, overlooking such worldly concerns like ergonomics and breaks.

I paid for that of course.

My plan for the fall

I’m planning on retaking the aerobic fitness test (Eurofit 2km walking test) I did last October. I was only average then, but this time I hope to improve my result.

I don’t know how easy it will actually be. I haven’t walked half as much as I walked last year, but I think that if I stick to the metabolic intervals for a month or so, I might actually get a better result this year. And if I’m afraid that is not going to do the trick, I’m going to use my secret weapon – Feldenkrais – to improve my walking technique. 🙂

Have you set yourself fitness goals recently?


  1. I think I already told you Satu that I LOVE Sherlock as well! He’s such a cutie.

    I love your weekly plan. I need to increase my strength sessions.

    But – my cardio fitness worries me. I’m struggling a bit after having that month off recently (stitches in my back, flu) as I found Zumba really hard yesterday. I’m stressing about it a bit, but soon I’ll be finishing up work and wondering / hoping I can increase my fitness a bit then. I’ll need a plan though because I hate having to go out and exercise. At the moment it’s part of my working day but once I’m not working I’m not sure how it will go.

    Oh and I also love watching entire TV series on DVD in one sitting. Watched the latest season of Dexter in less than 24hrs recently!


  2. Marion says:

    Hi Satu! I read this earlier but didn’t have sufficient time to comment on all the things discussed in this post.

    I recently read that achieving goals requires of a long term vision (Why) and the daily details of how to achieve the goal (What). This post is jam packed with the answer to “what.” That is very good for you.

    For my fitness, I actually get down to very fine details of what I have to do to progress. I have a great deal of “what” involved for my fitness. I sit down and logically look at exactly what fitness exercises are going up or down and specifically why that trend is happening. If something is getting worse (yes, that happens to me), I go back to my old fitness journals and review the circumstances of when I was getting better. If it is getting better, I also look back to see what I’ve switched up that caused improvement. By the time I drive to the gym, I know exactly what my workout will be, and precisely the reasons why I do what I do.

    Keeping accountable by a fitness journal or other form of accounting allows a person to track all of that information that I discussed in the above paragraph. It also helps track what causes injuries or sore joints. So I think it is super great that you are going back to documenting it all again.

    Regarding your 2 km walk, it is a great idea to do it again. How to prepare? I suggest that you really work on mindset of every single minute of the walk. When I do very fast elliptical (lately at 6.7 miles/hour for 10 minutes), I refocus and race every single minute of the 10 minutes. Each minute is a new focus so that I don’t have mid-race slump. I have beginning minute mindsets such as galloping out like a race horse. I have middle minute mindsets reminding myself that these are the minutes that often wreck a potential improvement due to lack of focus. I have my last minute mindsets involving my personal character of finishing each last minute of the race in a way I can be proud of. When I used to think of it as a 10 minute race, rather than 10 1-minute races, I used to go slower for lack of focus. I believe you will get improved results from this continuous psych up while taking your walking challenge. Good luck!

    🙂 Marion

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