Weigth Loss Progress Update – Something Happening There?

This is my first, official weight loss progress report for spring 2012 with the first comparison pictures (below)

According to my weigh ins, nothing much has been happening, except confusing fluctuations in weight! In the beginning of April, I weighed 71.1 kg and a week after that 70.6 kg, but after that I have gotten “odd” results –my 4th weekly weigh in last Friday showed I’m 71.7 kg.

71.1 kg (1)  – 70.7 kg (2) – 71.2 kg (3) – 71.7 kg (4)

I don’t think I’ve *really* gained weight (as in gaining more fat)  – because  I’ve had a rather consistent but small daily calorie deficit. And if you check my first set of comparison pictures below, you can see that my belly fat is melting. My jeans feel loose too.


This isn’t really surprising to me.

I know from previous experience how poorly your weight can reflect actual weight loss when you lose weight very slowly. If you only follow scale numbers, nothing much seems to be happening  and you go crazy.  🙂

If I didn’t take the comparison pictures – I would be pretty upset too.

I also started the FBB-program in April, but it’s hard for me to say whether I’ve actually gained any lean muscle mass or not. I doubt that can happen very fast. I DO know I’m stronger already.

The one thing I’m sure about is that I’ve lost some fat.

On the other hand, I could be doing better – I’d really like to have more pronounced fat loss. I wonder whether I’m ready to give up the almost daily chocolate habit to shave off  some extra daily calories (~12o cal) ?


  1. Satu – there’s a definite difference between the two photos! I agree that sometimes pictures are worth a thousand… numbers!

    Well done!

  2. Satu says:

    I’m happy you can see the differencem Debbie! Sometimes I have difficulty believing my own eyes and I think what if I’m just imagining my fat loss… 🙂

  3. Marion says:

    Hi Satu! Did you have a fun vacation with the nieces?

    Firstly, I wouldn’t give up *all* chocolate, but maybe alternate days or something. I say that because I don’t know if being slim would be worth giving up all treats. That would be depressing. 😀

    Yes, I’ve can see a difference! I’ve had times when I’ve gained weight but lost inches. So the scale is not king after all.

    🙂 Marion

    • Satu says:

      Ok, now I’m convinced my eyes don’t lie. 🙂

      I’m going to write about my vacation next. I got some good pictures. 🙂

  4. Lori says:

    Well done! The FBB will make you strong. I bet when you enter into the 3rd stage, you will really start to notice a difference even more!

  5. Aimee says:

    The scale is like an ancient mystery to me Satu. In the spring of 2010 I put mine away all together. I didn’t weigh myself for an entire year. In the meantime I ran, I raced, I worked out and I ate healthy. I dropped almost 2 pants sizes. I felt better than ever. In the spring of 2011 I was weighed for a life insurance health screening. Imagine my surprise when I discovered I had only lost 4 pounds since the year before?!

    The scale does have its purpose though. It’s a guideline, a tool to keeping us on track. We should not rely on it solely to validate healthy weight loss. The way our clothing feels is important as is an increase in energy and improved fitness ability. I have had to find a balance with the scale, because it has the ability to derail my efforts if I let it. Amazing what seeing a number can do to our self-esteem, confidence and will power.

    You look fantastic Satu no matter what the darn scale says. I agree with Marion about the chocolate. If you drastically eliminate it all at once you are bound to feel deprived. I wanted to do this with sugar, but finally realized it would only make me rebel eventually.

    Good luck this month!

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