Satu’s Wordless Wednesday

Lately, I’ve been doing workouts that concentrate on strengthening my core . I found the following tip on Pinterest. My left leg is the weak leg.



  1. Lori says:

    I find that I forget to work on balance. With my new program for lifting, it has a lot of single leg exercises. Good stuff.

  2. Marion says:

    Hi Satu! I love balancing exercises! I couldn’t imagine how great they were until I actually started doing them and reaping the benefits. Firstly, my “delicate” knee stopped hurting! I probably would have paid $1,000 for that to happen. Secondly, my glutes got very worked, so I now know how to avoid a saggy behind. Thirdly, I feel safer just knowing that I work those little muscles around my knees and ankles so that even if I end up falling, I have a lot less chance of injury. Lastly, balancing exercises are so fun! It is probably my favorite part of my Saturday workout. So, I’m really glad you wrote about this. And I hope you like it as well as I do.

    🙂 Marion

    • Satu says:

      I’m working on adding more balancing exercises to my routine. Must use some if-then planning! 🙂

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