Some Yoga For Low Back…

I did some yoga for low back yesterday!

I don’t remember exactly how long it’s been since I’ve done yoga, but I think it’s been at least two years. I picked a YouTube video named “low back flow” from one of my favorite yogis, Sadie Nardini. (The entire series consists of three 10-minute videos, first one is shown below).

So why yoga all of a sudden (and why did I stop)?

I’ve been in a foul mood lately and I avoided exercising for a few days.  When I was finally ready to get back in the saddle, I wanted to try something different. I didn’t feel like swinging my kettlebell or doing aerobic exercise, so I hoped yoga would offer me some variety.


Doing Sadie’s yoga sequence reminded me of how perfectly stupid, heavy and ungraceful you may feel when you practice yoga. *grin* I’m happy I live alone so no one could see my sweating and staggering progress from one asana to another (lots of side-to-side wavering especially when I was supposed to straighten my leg behind me ).

I experienced one especially humiliating moment when I was twisting my upper body: my *torso rolls* were getting on my way so badly that I felt I was suffocating. Can’t really escape noticing how much I’ve put on weight during the last 2.5 years. Huh.

My yoga certainly looks nothing like Sadie Nardini’s when she does the low back flow sequence.


Despite the fumbling and some humiliating moments, my yoga stint also reminded me of why I used to love it. When I finished my 30-minute yoga routine, I felt thoroughly warm, supple and panther-like. 🙂

About Sadie Nardini’s Yoga Videos

I skipped this...

Sadie Nardini is one of my favorite YouTube yogis.

She calles her style of yoga “core strength vinyasa” which is a dynamic and demanding style of yoga. So if you’re a beginner or someone who suffers from acute back pain, it might be a good idea to try something more gentle first.

If you decide to do Sadie’s low back flow, you can always modify or skip the difficult parts (I skipped the one-armed back bends shown on the left) and I’m certainly not able to do anything that requires real upper body strength –yet!

Sadie is a great teacher and her YouTube Channel has over 200 free yoga videos. She also has great technique demonstrations that are worth watching.



Verdict: I think I’ll do more yoga. 🙂

P.S. Have you ever tried yoga for low back pain or for alleviating any other type of pain?


  1. Hi Satu! Well, I am glad that you are doing yoga again. Regarding being our age (43) and our age’s weight (not a teenager), I think we just have to like ourselves that way we are right now. Think today for yoga, not like how it was in past years. You haven’t done it for a while, so be fair to yourself. And, if you felt supple, which I do too when I’m done with yoga, then you did really good.

    I re-read your stopping yoga post. When I do yoga workouts, I do what *I* want to do. And I just do it by myself. So I always like what I’m doing and it never goes too fast or hard for me. I know how long to do poses so that they don’t bother the tricky knee. That would solve the problem of too-hard yoga classes. Though, I had to take some instruction to learn how to do the poses correctly. So maybe, it requires a balance of both.

    🙂 Marion

    • Satu says:

      Hi Marion!

      The good thing about training on your own is that you can do it your way. And I think I’m going to be much more relaxed / less ambitious about yoga these days.

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