I’m A Home Exercise Equipment Junkie!

Thigh Master. They still sell them at Amazon!

Have I ever mentioned I’m a home exercise equipment junkie? Perhaps not. The fact is, I collect home exercise equipment like some women collect designer handbags.

During the last 12 months I’ve added several items to my ever-growing collection: one kettlebell, several exercise dvds, resistance bands, one pedometer, a “pilates band”, foamroller etc, etc).

For conveniences sake, I specialize in compact portable exercise stuff, not exercise bikes and treadmills. I simply don’t have enough room for treadmills and ellipticals in my flat.

One of my favorite pass times is strolling in the sporting goods section of some department store looking for new pieces of home exercise equipment. Balance boards, resistance bands, hula hoops, kettlebells – everything interests me! If I lived in US, my apartment would be full of home exercise equipment I purchased at Amazon (I guess I’m lucky I don’t).


I’ve owned lots home exercise equipment over the years. I guess my collection habit started in my teens, when I clipped out  workouts I found in women’s magazines. After VCRs were introduced in Finland, I owned a small but comprehensive set of Jane Fonda’s workout videos. If I remember right, after that came the Callanetics phase!

Not all my acquisitons have been very smart.

Remember the thigh master (top left)? I used to own one in my illustrious youth. Don’t know what it’s used for? You can use it to tone your thighs by squeezing it between them. You can do other useful stuff with it too – like tone your pecs (i.e. bust) by squeezing it between your hands.

My friends used to make fun of me because of the thigh master, and I often thought I should have hidden it in a closet before the visits..

At the moment, I really lust for those Zumba home dvds!


One of my latest – and not so smart – acquisitions is a “pilates band” I stumbled upon when I was shopping for a new elastic exercise band to replace an old one that snapped.

The pilates band is made of sturdy elastic material with handles and printed intstructions for eight movements . I’ve used it perhaps three times in two months.


P.S. Do you collect home exercise equipment?  Any confessions to make? 🙂

Best Wishes,



  1. Marion says:

    Hi Satu! I think the zumba dvds sound really fun, actually. All I have is a really good yoga mat, and 2 5 pound dumbbells (which I cannot locate at the moment). I used to have a stability ball, but it did not survive the move. But I want one again! There are a lot of great exercises to do on them, and they are fun to just sit on while watching t.v.

    My big obsession is yoga, weightlifting and other fitness books. I have 2 feet deep of them! I learn so much from them to improve myself at the gym. Most of them are from the used book store. Every once in a while, the yoga section gets the older books not sold yet onto clearance. I’ve actually gotten some of my best books for $3 and up.

    Also, I love fun work-out t-shirts. For those, the young men’s clearance racks are the best place.

    🙂 Marion

  2. Satu says:

    Oh, I’d like to dig in to your pile of fitness, yoga and weightlifting books! I have a growing collection of my own books too. You should really make a post of your best fitness books, so I can check whether to get any of them.

    I’m drawn to Zumba dvds exactly because they make it look so fun. That is how exercise should be.

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