Meet Angie Newton – A Real-Life Exercise Hero

Welcome to the very first “Exercise Hero” Interview.

I’m always intrigued and inspired by people who at some point in their lives have transformed from couch potatos to real-life exericise heros who can be role-models to us all.

I decided that interviewing is a perfect way to pick out their brains and (hopefully) learn the secret to their success. 🙂

My first interviewee is my fitness blogging buddy Angie Newton from Illionis, USA. Enjoy!


Why did you start exercising? How long did it take before you started liking it?

I started exercising to lose weight. I liked it immediately because I chose things I would have the most fun doing. No sense in doing workouts that aren’t fun!

What is your favorite form of exercise?

My favorite form of exercise is all types of boxing (kickboxing, shadow, Muay Thai,etc). Next on the list would be Walk Away the Pounds workout videos and I really enjoy the elliptical.

How do you train at the moment?

At the moment I’m down with an injury BUT we are in the process of turning our garage into a home gym. I plan to kick it up here soon and I will do a variety of workouts. I prefer to mix things up so I don’t ever get bored.

I know you walked a half-marathon some time ago. How long did it take for you to train for that? Any tips/advice for people who want to walk or run a half-marathon?

I did walk a half marathon in Jamaica (The Reggae Marathon/Half). I first started out training to run that race but it turned out I had breathing issues so I had to change my mindset and train to walk it. I think we trained a total of 10 months. But all the trianing I did had not prepared me for the weather or road conditions there. I walked over 10 miles here at home but in Jamaica was a whole different ball of wax.

My advice for beginners who want to walk/run a half marathon is to research a good training plan and follow it. And if you find that you have to change course from running to walking, don’t feel bad. I beat myself up about that for a long time. I really am happy I finished the race, that made me proud for sticking with it. Also training with someone is a lot more fun!

What kind of challenges have you had during your “exercise career”?

Injuries have been challenging. I like to workout 4-5 times a week but when I’m down with an injury, I miss it. I have learned though that I need to take it easy and not push it or it just makes it worse.

Do you have any tips for “prospective exercise heros” or people who think they hate exercise?

I say just get started exercising. It’s not just for weight loss, it’s great for you at any age, weight, level. For those that THINK they hate exercise, I say just try it and change things up so you don’t get bored.

People have very busy jobs nowadays. How do you manage to fit exercise into your schedule?

I put exercise on my schedule as I would any other meeting/business task. There are many times where I have skipped exercise for the day to get more work done and I’m always unhappy with my decision. Take that exercise break and you’ll be more productive afterwards.

What are your biggest fitness related accomplishments so far?

My biggest fitness related accomplishments are completing the half marathon and getting a medal and learning Muay Thai boxing.

Do you have fitness related goals you’d like to share?

It is my goal to stick with a weight training plan and do that at least 3 times a week. I always seem to get started and then let the weight training part fizzle out.

The other goal I have is to focus on stretching after workouts. Once our home gym garage space is complete, I think I’ll be trying a daily double workout where I’ll do cardio in the morning and weights at night. On the odd days that my husband and I do our own spinning (cycle) class, I might do some shadow boxing. Lots of fun workouts in store!

What do you do when/if you’re not motivated to exercise?

When I’m not really motivated to exercise, I tell myself to at least get in my workout gear so that I’m ready if I change my mind. I have been known to have a whole conversation in my head as to why I should skip it and then why I shouldn’t. Usually if I put it out there online that I don’t feel like working out, someone on Twitter or Facebook will change my mind by giving me a boost to just get it done.

Anything else you want to add?

Thank you for the interview opportunity, Satu. It’s been fun.

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If you have questions you’d like to ask Angie, feel free to use the comment form below!

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  1. This was a fun interview, thanks for showcasing me on your blog, Satu. I look forward to reading more exercise hero posts.

  2. Satu says:

    You’re welcome, Angie! (You’re right there is something odd going on with my blog Grr. GRR).

    I liked the bit about getting boosts via twitter and facebook!

  3. Hi Satu! Your interview of Angie turned out to be quite inspirational. I’d *love* that half-marathon in Jamaica.

    🙂 Marion

    • Thank you Marion! The half marathon was awesome. A neat experience for sure. I think we’ll participate again one day but I’ll probably opt for the 10k and then volunteer the rest of the time.

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