Six Benefits Of Slow Weight Loss – Part #2

This is the second part of my two-part post “Six Five Benefits Of Slow Weight Loss”. 🙂

#4: No Messed-Up Hunger & Satiety

In practice, fast weight loss is impossible without hunger.

That’s why most diet programs offer tips like “drink lots of water between meals” or “figure out activities to distract yourself when you’re hungry”. That’s also the reason why most diets emphasize the importance of self-control.

What is wrong with resisting your hunger as long as you lose weight?

A lot of things, actually. To put it shortly, the system that regulates your hunger and satiety is meant to accurately communicate how hungry or satisfied you are at a given moment so you can regulate your food intake accordingly.

If you postpone your eating and let a set of artificial diet rules determine what to eat and when to eat and how much to eat, the system gets out of whack. Eventually, you feel hungry only when you’re already starving and full only when you’re so stuffed you’re close to bursting.

In other words, you unwittingly create an all-or-nothing system that always tells you to eat a lot.

Disordered hunger sheds light on a couple of “interesting” dieting phenomena. Despite “being on a diet all the time”, most people constantly put on weight. If you’re middle-aged or older, just ask yourself how much you weighed when you were a teenager? How much did you weigh 10 years ago? There may be ups and downs, but the trend is usually up.


If you have to lose weight, it’s a good idea to do it slowly.

#5: You Have Time To Learn Better Habits.

When you’re in no hurry to lose weight, you give yourself an opportunity to learn new habits you’re actually able to stick to. Making drastic lifestyle changes rarely seems to work.

Sometimes lack of skills or knowledge is an obstacle to making a lifestyle change like losing weight. Don’t know how to cook or how to incorporate vegetables into your diet so that they taste delicious? Now you have an opportunity to learn.

It takes time to master a new lifestyle.

I remember how I learned to eat healthily a few years ago. I made the same mistake many people do – I tried to change my whole diet in a couple of weeks! I was so overwhelmed with all the changes that I soon went back to my old habits.

The same is true in regard to physical activity. Why not take your time and experiment with various forms of exercise and pick the ones that please you most? There’s no need to torment yourself with something you hate just because it helps your burn max amount of calories.


If you make slow changes you might not actually be fed up with your “new healthy lifestyle” before the diet even ends. Most people who come off a strict diet have absolutely no interest in developing healthy eating habits because they are busy stuffing themselves!

The One Disadvantage of Slow Weight Loss

Of course slow weight loss has its pitfalls. You need to have enough patience to wait for the results. Personally I think most people aren’t motivated to lose weight slowly unless they’ve a set of failed weight loss attempts behind them. And it takes time to collect them. 🙂

Write in the comment box if you have more suggestions for the benefits of slow weight loss.

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  1. Well, I’m having trouble with my weight right now. It started with trying to lose weight more quickly. I think my cardinal rule should be: If something is working, no matter how slowly, do NOT tweak it! The tweaking always screws me up.

    🙂 Marion

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