My Summer Vacation Fun: Planking And Cinnamon Rolls

I was on a short, 7-day plus summer vacation. I visited my family and relatives in Southern Ostrobothnia. Below are a few choice snapshots!


I didn’t set any real weight loss or fitness related goals for my vacation, even though I modestly hoped that I would eat sensibly. I don’t think that quite worked, because I started Saturday morning by eating cinnamon rolls for breakfast and a couple of ice cream cones for lunch!! 🙂

I spent a couple of days with my sister and her two little daughters. I got plenty of exercise when I played hide and seek, acted as a pupil at my niece’s “ballet school”, ran around the yard (20-some times in a row) etc. Take 8-10 hours of that a day, and you’re physically and mentally exhausted.

A Niece Plank

I love the fact that children are so willing to try silly things without much reasoning and persuasion. 🙂

I discovered planking before I left for vacation and immediately decided to teach it to my little nieces. Below is my niece Siiri (5) performing a plank . See how her ankles are properly pointed! That is something you learn if you study ballet. I think she has a great talent for planking. 🙂

My Sister Does 10 Push-Ups In A Row!

Unlike me, my older sister is in a great shape. Earlier this spring we talked about doing push ups and my sister claimd she’s able to do at least 10 in a row. When we met face-to-face, I challenged her to prove it to me. See her technique below.

Siiri was also eager to learn digital photography using my camera. Below is a close-up shot, featuring the sole of my left foot  🙂 I really should do something about the calluses…

Have you done any silly things with your children lately?

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  1. Hi Satu! I’m glad you had a nice vacation. I had to look up Ostrobothnia on Google so I could see some pictures. I have a general imagination of Finland in my mind, the pictures were not far off. It’s good that you could have time with your sister and kids.

    🙂 Marion

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