Weekly Workouts 20/2011

Last week I walked 10,133 steps on average. I wonder what will happen if, for some reason, I don’t reach my 10,000 step goal some week? I think I’m a bit addicted on my steps. It feels safe to be able to reach that number over and over again. But I guess I’ll live if that happens.

I think my Sunday steps were actually more than 7499, because my pedometer seemed to be acting oddly. ( It just needed a new battery.)

Breakdown of my weekly workouts below:

  1. 2 x 45-50 min Nordic walks
  2. 5 x 40 min walks
  3. 2 x 30 strength training (kettlebells plus other movements)

I’m not going to increase my step goal further than 10,000 steps. I’m going to put more focus on strength training from now on. Last week I added kettlebells to my strength training sessions and it worked well. It was fun and I sweated like a pig!

I had forgotten how intensive kettlebell training is. Even though I only did a few swings and snatches and squatted holding a kettlebell, I was totally blasted. I didn’t have any knee problems either, even though I always worry about them returning. A horrible thought!

Weather is lovely in Finland at the moment. Nothing beats a brisk Nordic walk in a green forest during early summer.




  1. Hi Satu! I’ve never commented on your walking, yet, but you put a very good effort into your fitness. You can be very proud of that.

    I’ve never worked with kettlebells, but I’d like to. So many things to try, so much stuff already on the list. I’m forever crossing something or another off my workout list because I just never get to it.

    🙂 Marion

  2. Satu says:

    Thank you, Marion. 🙂

    It has taken lots of work to get at this level in my effort to build my fitness. I’m glad I discovered pedometers last fall, because it has been a great motivator for me.

    I’m sure you would love kettlebells. Kettlebells are fun to work with and amazingly effective. I can easily imagine you swinging a 50 pound kettlebell.. 🙂

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