Satu’s Workouts 19/2011

Last week was just passable.

I didn’t do any strength training, but at least I was still able to keep my average step count over 10,000. See the graph below.

For some reason I was in bad mood, had way too much almonds (I’m an almond addict!) and drank Drano…oops, diet Pepsi, even though I had sworn that off.

On Saturday, I turned 43 and celebrated it by doing my laundry and having my hair cut! Oh, and my two nieces (3 & 5) called me and sang “Happy Birthday, Aunt Satu!” That was my best birthday gift.  🙂

My workouts

  1. 3 x 40 min walks
  2. 1 x 45 min Sansone’s 3-mile walk
  3. 1 x 70 min walk

Last week I mentioned I’m bored with my basic strength training routine. I hover between two alternatives: I could start following a bodyweight exercise course I bought over a year ago or I could start kettlebell training again. I even have a kettlebell dvd waiting for me – The Kettlebell Goddess Workout.

Do you have any experience of kettlebell training? What do you think about it?

Best Wishes,



  1. Happy belated birthday!

    I don’t really know anything about kettlebell training. Wouldn’t mind trying it one day though.

  2. Happy 43rd Birthday! I’m 43 too! I suppose you already knew that. No wonder we like the same stuff!!

    I’ve never used kettlebells, but I’ve certainly been tempted to. (I look at them every time I go in the sports aisle.) Tell me how it works for you and if you recommend it. 😉 Marion

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