Week #17 Workout Journal

My success march goes on.  🙂

My average steps for week 17 were 10,535. This is the third week on row (or is it the fourth?) I’ve walked over 10,000 steps a day.

My workouts

  1. 2x Sansone’s 2-mile walks
  2. 3x 30-40 min walks outside
  3. 1x (45 min) strength training (bodyweight movements plus resistance bands)

My fitness regime has a big effect on my mood and energy levels. I can hardly believe I’m the same person I was only two or three months ago. There’s no need to drag myself around nor am I bothered by small stuff.

Sometimes I wonder what to do with all this extra energy, well I usually go pester some people!

I don’t follow my calorie consumption to the tee, but I watch what I eat. I estimate I consume ~1700 kcal per day at thee moment (I had to start eating more because I exercise more), 30 per cent of which comes from fat and 24-27 per cent from protein.

I do eat “the not so healthy stuff” once or twice a week, but not more often.

My “Secret” Photos

I’ve taken a series of digital photos of myself wearing my still-too-small goal jeans. It’s been a great way to track my fat loss effort without having to use scales, because you’re able to see exactly how and where the extra fat melts away.

Maybe I create a slideshow of my weight loss progress photos one day and share them with you here.  🙂








  1. Biz says:

    Great job! I am trying to keep my indulgences to a couple times a week – can’t be good all the time, life is too short!



  2. Satu, you are doing great! When I exercise I also definitely feel much better, more energy, better mood.

    Looking forward to seeing your progress pictures. I really need to update mine and get more. I slacked on that.

  3. Satu says:

    Thanks, Biz and Angie! I really have been feeling on top of the world lately.

    I like the idea of not being good all the time! 😀

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